San Antonio 2557

Clock Features
Triple Chime Crystal-Pendulum Automatic Night Silence Illuminated Case Mirror Rare Crotch Mahogany
Full Crown Front and Side Bevelled Lifetime Memory Ring Heirloom Tube Brass Plaque Key Lock

This traditional clock is finished in Royale Cherry on select hardwoods and veneers. It features an arched bonnet pediment with a three-part bookmatched olive ash burl overlay. The brushed satin brass finished dial features decorative corner spandrels and center disk witha silver chapter ring, satin black Arabic numerals, black serpentine hands and a separate seconds track.
An interior lamp with three-position "Touch Lighting" illuminates the pierced stars in the functioning moon phase dial. The locking front door features bookmatched olive
ash burl overlays in the four corners around the lower front glass.
The brushed satin brass finished lyre pendulum features a decorative center disk to complement the dial. Brushed brass finished weight shells and a decorative olive ash burl patterned back panel complete the lower case.
The cable-driven movement features your choice of three chime melodies and automatic nighttime chime silence option.

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