Built in QualityEver wondered how Grandfather Clocks transform from a stack of lumber into a work of art like our Ridgeway Clocks? Well here is how...

Every one of our clocks begins as a stack of lumber which is carried to a conveyor system where we inspect each piece. During this initial stage we check to make sure each board meets our specifications.

We then use computerised routers to shape the doors, pediments, bases and other decorative pieces that make our clocks so beautiful. Then we sand each piece before the clocks are assembled.

The finished pieces are then sent to the assembly station where the individual wood components begin to take the shape of a beautiful floor clock. Using traditional cabinet making skills, we glue, nail, dowel and screw the pieces together to assemble the clock cabinet. These cases are built to last!

Once the cabinets are assembled, the second phase of sanding begins. We carefully hand sand to prepare them for a beautiful finish. We apply the first coat of stain evenly to each piece, hand rub the finish and glaze to bring out the character of the wood grain and once again hand sand the cabinet. This creates the glowing finish that you see on every Ridgeway Grandfather Clock.

At this point we are ready to install the locks, dials and decorative elements that help give each clock its style and personality. Then we place the glass into the cabinet doors, lock the doors and line the clocks up for another inspection.

Ridgeway Clocks use Kieninger movements manufactured in the Black Forest region of Germany which are considered by many to be the best in the world. We carefully install these movements along with the pendulum and weights, secure the face and hands, position the hammers on the chime bar and set the time for a 24 hour time check.

Installing a movement

Once the clock has passed its final inspection we slide in the upper glass panels and carefully clean the clock so it will be spotless when it comes to you. Finally we tag and bag the clock and send it to the warehouse where it waits until it makes its way to your home.

From a stack of lumber all the way to a family heirloom, this is how Ridgeway Grandfather Clocks are made. Our clocks are built to last.

If you would like a closer inspection why not visit one of our Showrooms.

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