Kieninger Movement



There are two main types of mechanical movements used in Ridgeway Grandfather Clocks - those using cable movements or chain movements.

A cable movement is wound with a key to wind the weights to the top of the clock. Gravity pulls the weights down over an 8 day cycle and provides the power for the clock.  Cable movements are considered to be better movements than chain movements, however with proper care both movements will function for many years.


Some clocks have a mirrored back wall and when combined with an interior light create a spectacular decorative feature.


Cabinetry is considered an art-form by many clock makers. It is the process of designing, carving and finishing the wooden case of a Grandfather Clock which will encase the clock dial and movement.


Some Ridgeway Clock feature a working moon phase dial. This appears above the 12 o'clock dial using the Grandfather Clock movement and shows the phases of the moon within the 29½ day Lunar Cycle once the dial is set. 


A feature that is excellent for light sleepers. Selecting the Automatic Night Shut-off feature means your clock stops chiming after 10:00pm and begins again at 7:15am automatically. All Ridgeway Cable Driven Grandfather Clocks feature an Automatic Night Shut-off option.  All models also feature the option of full chime silence if you want the clock to be quiet during the day.

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