Ridgeway Clocks has embraced a core philosophy to deliver a quality product according to our standards and your expectations. We strive for continuous improvement throughout our organisation and this results in a product that you can be proud to own, display and use in your home.

Our manufacturing process is such that we only use timber that meets our highest quality standards and treat the cabinets with the utmost care. We continually inspect each component of the clock to ensure specifications are met before we start the clock for a 24 hour time check.

We offer the finest new clocks in the world. Made with time honoured craftsmanship, the Kieninger movements produced in the Black Forest region of Germany feature many leading patented technologies in clockcraft. Presented in our cabinets of the finest timbers, our clocks create a presence like any well chosen piece of art or furniture.

Kieninger Movements - Grandfather Clocks


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