These Terms and Conditions apply to accepting Goods and participating in Services delivered by Ridgeway Clocks – the authorized representative of Ridgeway Clocks USA. Ridgeway Clocks are manufactured by Ridgeway Clock Company PO Box 407, Ridgeway, VA 24148, USA. If you have any further questions or would like more information please contact us Australia Wide Toll Free on 1300 TIC TOC 1300 842 862 or (02) 9526 7460.

  1. Interpretation of terms

    "Agreement" means an agreement between the Customer and Ridgeway Clocks to supply Good(s), which consists of the Order and these Conditions.
    "Conditions" means the Terms and Conditions outlined in this document.
    "Customer" means the person or legal entity depicted in Ridgeway Clocks Cart, Receipt or Invoice
    "Damaged Good(s)" means defects that impairs the value of the Good(s).
    "Delivery Address" means the address the Good(s) are to be delivered to as stated on the Receipt or Invoice.
    "Good(s)" means the Good(s) described in an Order to Ridgeway Clocks.
    "Order" means an Order by the Customer to purchase Good(s) from Ridgeway Clocks. The Order may be provided by our online Shopping Cart, by mail or by fax.

  2. The Agreement

    1. An Agreement exists between the Customer and Ridgeway Clocks for the purchase of the Good(s) by the Customer from Ridgeway Clocks once Ridgeway Clocks accepts an Order by way of order confirmation.
    2. Each order is its own agreement.
    3. The Customer acknowledges and agrees to be bound to the Conditions outlined in this document.

  3. Order

    1. The Customer will begin placing an Order with Ridgeway Clocks by either:
      1. Selecting the Good(s) from a product list on the website using the Shopping Cart interface,
      2. Using the Fax order form provided in our Customer Information Pack or
      3. In writing by fax or mail.
    2. For the Customer to place an Order with Ridgeway Clocks a deposit of twenty-five percent (25%) of the total cost must be received by Ridgeway Clocks. For an Order to be accepted and confirmed by Ridgeway Clocks, monies transferred to Ridgeway Clocks must be received.
    3. Ridgeway Clocks do not accept orders for shipment outside of Australia.
    4. Orders and Deposits once placed with Ridgeway Clocks are non- cancellable and non- refundable. For complete details refer to Section 7 "Refund Policy".
    5. If the Customer does not advise Ridgeway Clocks that they do not wish to proceed with their order due to leadtimes confirmed as "Projected Delivery Date" on Ridgeway Clocks order confirmation within 5 days, then the order will be taken as having been accepted.

  4. Pricing

    1. All prices listed on the website are in Australian Dollars ($AUD) and inclusive of all taxes. Ridgeway Clocks reserve the right to alter prices without notice.
    2. Any change in prices by Ridgeway Clocks will not be applicable to confirmed orders.

  5. Payments

    1. The Customer shall pay for all shipping and handling charges.
    2. Payment must be made in full to Ridgeway Clocks and all funds must be received prior to the delivery of the Good(s).
    3. Payment can be made using the following methods:
      (a) Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)
      (b) Selected Credit Cards (Including MasterCard, Visa & American Express)
      (c) Bank cheques and money orders

    Note: A four percent (4%) merchant fee will apply to purchases using the American Express card. No merchant fees apply for MasterCard or Visa

  6. Delivery, Receiving and Inspection/Unpacking Good(s)

    The correct delivery, correct receipt process and inspection/unpacking of our good(s) are very important steps to us to ensure your total satisfaction.
    Our packaging is designed to protect our good(s) every step of the way from the factory in the USA to your home in Australia. It is important that the instructions are strictly followed when receiving the good(s) and also in the inspection/unpacking process.

    1. Receiving Instructions and Customer Obligation
      1. It is the obligation of the customer to follow the Receiving Instructions

      2. Ridgeway Clocks' carrier will co-ordinate with the Customer the actual day and time of delivery. The Good(s) will be delivered to the specified address on the Order between normal business hours (Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm). If the Customer is not at home between the hours agreed with the carrier and an additional delivery visit is required, then the customer will incur any additional delivery charges that may apply.


        Step 1. Inspect the outside carton of the clock prior to signing for receipt.

        If you are satisfied that the carton appears to be in sound condition and you could reasonably expect the contents to be in good condition then sign for delivery once the goods are delivered to your home and placed safely in a weatherproof location with no damage caused to the goods in it's unloading.

        If you are not satisfied with the appearance of the carton and have reasonable grounds to believe the contents of the carton are damaged you should NOT accept delivery.

        If there are clear visible signs of damage to this consignment such as obvious signs of

        a) Dropping
        b) Holes in carton/s
        c) Significant water damage
        d) Or other clear evidence that the goods are damaged such as broken glass.

        If any of the above signs are evident DO NOT SIGN THE DELIVERY DOCKET

        Step 2. Review with the delivery driver.
        If you are satisfied with the condition of the carton - ideally before the carton is unloaded from the truck- then tell the driver where you want the carton placed in your home.

        (We recommend that you tell the driver that the carton is a new grandfather clock with fragile parts and glass and that you do not want the clock dropped, bounced down steps or otherwise mishandled. The drivers are told this but an extra warning never does any harm!).


        If you are not satisfied - with the condition of the carton (i.e. there are signs of damage which would lead you to suspect damage to the contents of the carton) then tell the driver that your instructions are to not accept delivery.

        Step 3. The Delivery Docket

        If you are satisfied with the delivery simply sign the delivery docket. Your signature on the delivery docket - with no other comment - will be deemed to be acceptance of the goods delivery by you and you are satisfied that you could reasonably expect the goods to be in good condition based on observation of the exterior packaging.

        If you are not satisfied - based upon damage to the exterior carton then do not accept the delivery, do not sign the delivery docket but note clearly on the delivery docket:


        There is NO obligation for you to sign the delivery docket if you are not accepting the delivery.

        If you are not satisfied - with the manner in which the goods were unloaded from the delivery truck, perhaps handled into your home, or if they were roughly handled in any way which would cause you to be concerned about possible damage to the goods then you should note the particular issue clearly on the delivery docket e.g.:





      It is the obligation of the customer to follow the Receiving Instructions

      There are three ways in which our clocks are usually set - up in a customer's home:

      - Complete In Home Set-Up (Our service team unpack and fully install the clock at your home).
      - Phone Assist Home Set-Up (Our service team walk you through how to set up via our Toll-Free phone service and the instruction book)
      - Self Installation (Customer is confident in setting up the clock themselves having read the instruction manual fully - can call our Toll Free number if needed)

      1. Inspection - Within 7 Days Requirement

        Ridgeway Clocks require that the contents of the Goods, when delivered, are inspected within a reasonable time from that delivery. A reasonable time is deemed to be no longer than 7 days from the date shown on the delivery docket.

        If you suspect any short delivery of components or any other concerns please contact us by phone, fax or email. Early advice will enable prompt rectification if required. If we are not advised of short delivery within the agreed period then delivery will be deemed to be complete. We may require photographs to be sent to us to allow assessment of any "alleged damage".

        Please note: Inspection does not mean complete unpacking - it means:
        - the carton should be undone on one side
        - The Pendulum box removed from the carton to ensure the Pendulum has been delivered
        - The Weight box removed from the carton to ensure the Weights have been delivered
        - Check inside the weight box to ensure the winding crank and cabinet key* have been delivered
        - Check inside the upper carton pack near the head of the clock that the Instruction book and Finial* have been delivered.
        - A preliminary inspection of the cabinet to ensure there are no obvious signs of damage to the case, glass or electrical lead*.

        *If applicable to model.

      2. Unpacking Obligations for Complete In Home Set-Up

        The majority of our customers across Australia will use our complete In Home Set-Up Service. Based on the customers availability and local co-ordination there is no obligation by the Customer to fully unpack the good(s).

      3. Unpacking Obligations for Phone Assist Home Set-Up

        The Customer is require to follow all standard instructions and procedures as specified in this document and the Ridgeway Clocks Instruction Manual and any other relevant documents provided. Failure to follow these procedures and instructions as provided may void Ridgeway Clocks warranty provisions.

      4. Unpacking Obligation for Self Installation

        The Customer is required to follow all standard instructions and procedures as specified in this document and the Ridgeway Clocks Instruction Manual and any other relevant documents provided. Failure to follow these procedures and instructions as provided may void Ridgeway Clocks warranty provisions.

    3. Damaged Goods Obligations and Process

    4. Our objective is to ensure that you receive our high quality clocks in factory fresh condition and specification and that is why we are very particular about how our good(s) are handled, received, inspected and installed. We care about our clocks. Sometimes things go wrong and we have established a process we follow should a problem occur - such as a short delivery from the factory or a damaged glass panel in transit.

      Any Damaged Goods will be assessed by a Ridgeway Clocks representative who will determine the action to be taken and will include options of repair, replacement or refund at Ridgeway clocks choice.

      Our objective is to identify any issues early and to rectify them promptly:
      - We inspect all our clock on receipt into Australia and prior to their dispatch via our authorized carrier.
      - We require our customer to ensure there is no major obvious damage to the outer carton of the good(s) when received by the customer.
      - We require our customer or service technician to inspect there is no obvious damage of the carton contents within 7 days of receipt.
      - We require our customer or our service technician to follow the instruction manual when installing the clock.
      - We warrant our clock for a full 2 years from date of receipt by the customer.
      - We provide a comprehensive parts and service network across Australia through independent qualified service technicians.

      If there is customer dissatisfaction about any aspect of our service - or if there an alleged warranty issue- we require a note in writing via fax or email or mail outlining the issue direct to Ridgeway Clocks on the contact details provided. We undertake to contact the customer and discuss the issue within 7 days and to rectify any issue deemed to be our responsibility as soon as possible - subject to availability of any particular parts or experienced service technicians required to resolve the issue. We undertake to keep the customer informed on a regular basis as to the progress of the resolution.

  7. Refund Policy

    1. Australian Website Listed Goods. Once an Order has been received, confirmed and the deposit of twenty-five percent (25%) or full payment has been received by Ridgeway Clocks for any of the Goods shown on the Australian website http://www.ridgewayclocks.com.au/ we will take it that the customer wishes to proceed with the order. The goods ordered will be allocated to the customer and our regular sales process will proceed to ensure the goods are delivered to the customer in good order. Order(s) are non-cancellable and non- refundable following a period of 48 hours of receipt of the order by Ridgeway Clocks. Notice of cancellation will only be accepted in writing by mail, fax or email within 48 hours. For the purposes of clarity, Ridgeway Clocks will acknowledge cancellations in writing and confirm refund details. No refund will be given for "Change of Mind" subject to the extent permitted by law.
    2. Following receipt of the order our customer service team will contact the customer and provide a delivery date. If the Customer does not advise Ridgeway Clocks in writing within 5 days that they do not wish to proceed with the order due to the projected delivery dates advised on the Order Confirmation, then the order will be taken as having been accepted. If the order is then cancelled after the 5 days, the deposit paid will be forfeited in full.
    3. USA Website Listed Goods- Ridgeway Goods shown only on the USA website http://www.ridgewayclocks.com/ are not regularly available in Australia. The Goods cannot be ordered using the Australian site nor can deposits be paid by the shopping cart. USA special order goods require a special order and deposit payment of twenty-five percent (25%). Prior to sending the deposit the customer will be advised the likely availability date in Australia based on production and shipping details known at the time. On the basis of this timing customer will choose to order and send deposit or not. Special orders and deposits once received are non-cancellable and deposit payment is non refundable.
      Following receipt of the special order and deposit our customer service team will confirm those projected delivery dates with the customer.If we cannot provide the goods within a reasonable margin of the delivery date provided, then the customer will be entitled to a full refund of the deposit paid.
    4. If, for reasons beyond our control a particular model ordered is not available due to change of model, production timing or other supply related issues then the customer will be entitled to a full refund.

  8. Title to the Good(s)

    Title in the Good(s) shall pass from Ridgeway Clocks to the Customer when payment in full has been received by Ridgeway Clocks and full acceptance of the delivery of the Good(s) by customer at the Delivery Address.

  9. Product Range and Availability

    1. Good(s) are subject to changes from time to time due to production, scheduling, specifications, availability and shipping as advised by the manufacturer. Ridgeway Clocks reserves the right to make changes without notice. (Refer to section 10 for details of Warranty Policy).
    2. All Good(s) are subject to availability and a delay in delivery to the Customer may occur. Ridgeway Clocks will undertake to deliver the Good(s) at the earliest possible time. Following initial order Customer will be quoted a projected delivery date by our Customer Service Team. (Refer to Section 7 for details of Refund Policy).

  10. Warranty

    1. Customer Obligation. The Customer is required to follow all standard instructions and procedures as specified in this document, the Ridgeway Clocks Instruction Manual and any other relevant documents provided. Failure to follow these procedures and instructions as provided may void Ridgeway Clocks Warranty provisions.
    2. Customer recognizes that each Ridgeway clock has a number of hand finishing stages and as such some minor variations, inconsistencies, minor blemishes or abrasions (which are easily polished) are not considered damage and as such will not constitute damaged goods for the purposes of warranty provisions.
    3. Ridgeway Clocks will always attempt to be as accurate and specific as possible about the description of the goods but we are unable to warrant the product description as being completely reliable or error free due to changes, occasionally made by the factory, during the production of the clocks of which we may or may not have been advised.
    4. Ridgeway Clocks act as representative for the manufacturer in regard to all warranty matters. Warranties offered are provided by the manufacturer who make no warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. Ridgeway Clocks shall have no liability to you for consequential or incidental damages of any kind whatsoever, including but not limited to personal injury, property damage, lost profits or other economic injury.
    5. Ridgeway Clocks warrants to the original consumer/purchaser or recipient that this product will be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service for a period of two years from date of purchase and receipt for the Good(s) by the original purchaser. Ridgeway Clocks' obligation under this warranty shall be limited to repairing the product with new or renewed components or, at its option, replacing it with a new or renewed product. This warranty does not include damage to product or components resulting from abuse, accident, alteration, climatic/environmental conditions, damage beyond normal use, freight damage, mishandling, misuse, or unauthorized repair to the extent permitted by law.
    6. Minor adjustments not covered under Warranty:

      1. "Set-Up".

        Set-Up means the process of following the instructions provided to position and correctly set the clock to ensure it's smooth running. This includes but is not limited to unpacking, checking all parts, hanging weights, pendulum,winding, adjusting the pendulum, setting time, moon dial etc.
        1. A customer may need to undertake to set-up a clock themselves when the Home Set-Up service is not available in the customer area. Professional guidance is available via our Toll Free Phone Assist service. In this case, minor adjustments to the clock are not provided by Ridgeway Clocks but instructions are provided in the instruction manual.

        2. When a Ridgeway Clock Home Set-Up service is provided in Australia the service technician will be responsible for the set-up and will adjust the clock at the time. The customer will be responsible for any minor adjustments which may be required from time to time in line with the operating instructions.

      2. Mechanical Movement Oiling and Cleaning. The movement in your clock is a mechanical mechanism and, therefore, requires periodic oiling and cleaning depending on climatic and environmental conditions. Under normal conditions a movement requires oiling with high quality clock oil approximately every two years from the date of purchase. Please contact a qualified clock repair person, Authorised Ridgeway Clocks technician for this service or call 1 300 RIDGEWAY for details of your nearest service technician.

      3. Replacement of Suspension Spring. Replacement instructions are with your Ridgeway product. Please return broken suspension spring to Ridgeway Clocks for proper identification. Replacement suspension springs are available from Ridgeway Clocks and authorized service technicians.

      4. Pendulum, Timing, and Chime/Strike Hammer Adjustments. Instructions for these adjustments are contained in the Ridgeway Clocks Instruction Manual

  11. Liability

    1. The Customer acknowledges that Ridgeway Good(s) are provided "AS IS" and that Ridgeway Clocks is not making and has not made any warranty or representation as to Ridgeway Clocks suitability for any particular purpose. The Customer agrees that in purchasing from and using Ridgeway Clocks, the Customer is not relying on any statement or representation made by Ridgeway Clocks, which is not expressly contained in this Agreement, subject to any non excludable liability or breach of condition for warranties implied by legislation and to the maximum extent permitted by law.

    2. Ridgeway Clocks in Australia are the authorized representative of Ridgeway Clocks USA. Ridgeway Clocks are manufactured by Ridgeway Clock Company PO Box 407, Ridgeway, VA 24148, USA who supply all Ridgeway branded clocks sold by Ridgeway Clocks in Australia. You agree to waive any and all claims that you now have or may have in the future against Ridgeway Clocks which relate to or are incidental to any transaction, subject to any non excludable liability.
    3. The Customer agrees that any liability of Ridgeway Clocks arising out of or in connection with any breach of any express or implied warranty or condition in respect of the Good(s) or services supplied to the Customer through Ridgeway Clocks will, at the election of Ridgeway Clocks, be limited to:(a) if the condition relates to the Good(s), the replacement of the Good(s) or supply equivalent Good(s); and
      (b) if the condition relates to services, the supplying of the services again or the payment of the cost of having the services supplied again.

  12. Governing Laws

    1. These Terms and Conditions shall fall under the jurisdiction of the courts of New South Wales Australia and governed by the laws of New South Wales Australia.

  13. Copyright

    1. Ridgeway Clocks is a trademark of Ridgeway Furniture Company Limited registered in the United States of America.
      If you have any other questions about doing business with us or would like more information about any of these points, our products or services please contact us.

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